Kahit Saan Pa Man features a mixture of dramatic stories and discussions regarding the Filipino cultural identity within the North American setting. First broadcasting on 21 Jan 2017, the episodes released so far have been as follows:

Season 1

Episode 1 (18 Feb 2017)

A secret kept hidden for almost 20 years reveals itself upon the arrival of an unexpected party guest.

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Episode 2 (18 Mar 2017)

Katherine gets to know Alan, against the wishes of her mother. Katherine makes plans with Marco to go to the Philippines.

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Episode 3 (19 Aug 2017)

Katherine struggles to deal with the culture shock of visiting her mother’s homeland for the first time.

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Special Episodes (Non-dramatic)

Episode 1 (21 Jan 2017)

Lou talks about the musical inspiration behind writing the series. Featuring an interview with special guest, Jenn Suratos, about her experience as a Filipino actress in Canada.

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Episode 2 (20 May 2017)

Lou is joined by Rich Abarquez and Megan Solis to talk about their experiences in voice acting for the show, as well as their opinions on creative and artistic opportunities for POCs in North America.

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Episode 3 – Summer Hangout Sesh! (Unreleased)

Megan Solis joins Lou as a guest host in this summer chill-out session! Tune in for Filipino music, identity exploration, and discussions on themes explored in season 1.

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