Jennifer Suratos

(Season 1 – Katherine)

Jenn is an avid singer and performer, and has worked with many local companies including Gateway Theatre, Pacific Theatre, TUTS, and Applause. Recent favourites include Ms Peretti in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” (Fighting Chance Productions), Ms. Sherman in “Fame” (Bring on Tomorrow Collective), Franny in “Little Miss Glitz” (Too Fly), and Sarah in “Company” (United Players). She has directed and/or assistant directed for FCP, United Players, Applause, and Sketch Comedy Productions. Jenn is passionate about theatre, and currently sits on the board for Delinquent Theatre and FCP’s Artistic Advisory Committee, and is a past member of the Ovation Jury and TUTS’ Fundraising Committee. She holds a Master’s Degree in Theatre Studies from UBC, where she also works as an Administrator in the Faculty of Arts.

Megan de Leon Solis

(Season 1 – Grace)

Megan considers herself an all-around performer on a journey, still learning more about herself as a creative individual. To date, she has delved into writing poetry, scripts, fiction, and lyrics. In performance, she has done a variety of stage acting, dance for musical theatre, burlesque-musicals, performance art, and spoken word poetry. An Ovation award nominee, Capilano Musical Theatre Program alum, and Bachelor of Performing Arts graduate, Megan cites her strength as the people who have helped her grow throughout the years of young adulthood. She continues to strive to fight for her artistry by facing every monster in her path with intense faith in God.

Currently the head Assistant Director and Choreographer/Dance teacher with MISCELLANEOUS Productions, Megan hopes to continue to nurture/bring art into the lives of all youth through accessible workshops and other programming. She is also half of the musical (and sometimes comedy) duo Crescent Muse as the member known as Mars. When she’s not working on ventures like USCV and/or writing songs with her bandmate Lou, Megan is working on a novel and daydreaming about her celebrity boyfriend Kris Wu.

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Louise “Lou” Palencia

(Season 1 – Rosa)

Exploration is Lou’s primary motivator in pursuing artistic endeavours. As a developing artist, her primary experiences lay in music and dance performance, although she is seeking to dip her toes in writing and producing. Her most recent works are related to the exploration of identity: she writes for the Asian online publication Resonate ( and is the writer/producer of Kahit Saan Pa Man.

Rich Abarquez

(Season 1 – Marco)

Jon “Kuya Jon” Nieto

(Season 1 – Alan)