More quickie updates!

Cloudy Sky
Photo by Snapwire

Okay, so I updated yesterday, and having updated today, I just want to re-iterate recent updates to the website:

  • The episode list has been updated to the most recent episode, and all the YouTube versions of each episode are up.
  • I have edited/will be editing future YouTube uploads to not include music played in the show so that our videos no longer get dinged for copyrighted material. We do update the playlists to include links to the music, so you guys can always check that out on our Playlists page!
  • Music playlists have been updated to the most recent episode!
  • Video content *hopefully* coming soon. See this blog post for more details!

I will also be travelling to the motherland during this month! I will do my best to blog my experiences, which can be found on this page. I will try my best to post on social media whenever I have an update: keep updated through our Twitter and Instagram pages!